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Terms & Conditions

Zed Ten Caravans & Tenby Tourers Terms & Conditions

  1. Where the caravan and goods (herein collectively referred to as “the goods”) to be supplied are to be ordered from the Manufacturer the Seller undertakes to assist the Purchaser in obtaining the benefit of any warranty or guarantee given by the Manufacturer in respect of the goods.
  1. Where the agreement is for the purchase of goods to be ordered from any Manufacturer, the Seller will use his best endeavours to deliver by such date as may be desired by the Purchaser, but he does not guarantee time of delivery, and the Seller shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Purchaser through any reasonable or unavoidable delay in delivery howsoever caused.
  1. In the event of the Manufacturer ceasing to make a caravan of the type ordered by the Purchaser, the Seller shall return the deposit in full to the Purchaser and cancel this agreement without further liability on his part.
  1. The Purchaser may cancel the order within a cooling-off period of 5 working days from the date of the order, and receive back in full any deposit paid. If the order is cancelled after that date, . Cancellation after 7 days will result in 50% cancellation fee and anything after 14 days full deposit will be lost.
  1. Where the Seller agrees to allow part of the purchase price to be satisfied by the Purchaser delivering a used caravan in part exchange, the used caravan shall be delivered to and accepted by the Seller subject to the following conditions:
    1. that the used caravan shall be delivered to the Seller in the same condition as described by the Purchaser at the time of the order (subject only to fair wear and tear): and
    2. that either (i) the used caravan is the absolute property of the Purchaser and free from any Hire Purchase Agreement or other legal encumbrance whatsoever, or (ii) the used caravan is the subject of a Hire Purchase or Credit Sale agreement capable of assignment by the Purchaser and of cash settlement by the Seller, and in such a case the amount of the purchase price allowed by the Seller in respect thereof shall be reduced by the amount paid in settlement by the Seller.
  1. In the event of a used caravan being taken in part exchange for the goods the Seller may forthwith proceed to dispose of such used caravan taken in part exchange, provided that the Seller shall use reasonable efforts to obtain the best price. The agreed allowance in respect of such used caravan taken in part exchange shall not necessarily be the cash price and in the event of the used caravan being sold prior to the delivery date of the goods and in the event either that the goods are not delivered or for some reason as stated in this contract the order is cancelled the sum to be paid by the Seller to the Purchaser in respect of the used caravan taken in part exchange and so sold as aforesaid shall not be more than the price at which the used caravan was sold.
  1. The Purchaser shall pay the Seller the balance of the purchase price of the goods before delivery. Delivery will not take place before the date indicated on the order form unless an earlier delivery date is agreed.
  1. If the Purchaser shall fail unlawfully to take delivery of the goods or to perform any essential obligations under this agreement, the Seller shall be at liberty to treat the agreement as repudiated and thereupon:
    1. The deposit shall be forfeited. Unless specifically detailed in writing on the order, the Purchaser’s liability will not exceed the full value of the deposit.
    2. The Seller shall be entitled to dispose of the goods as he may think fit and shall not be under any liability to account to the Purchaser for the price received thereto.
  1. Any notice to be given under this agreement shall be deemed to have been duly served if sent by Recorded Delivery to the Purchaser’s last known address in the Seller’s possession and subsequently recorded as having been delivered.
  2. The terms of this agreement do not affect and cannot exclude any of the Purchaser’s statutory rights as a consumer. For more information on these statutory rights contact a local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.


Written Complaints Procedure

We will: (a) Acknowledge your complaint, in writing or by phone within 2 working days of receipt. (b) We will issue an initial response or a final decision, in writing as soon as possible or at latest within 10 working days of complaint receipt.  (c) If we issue an initial response you notify us that it does not resolve your complaint, we will issue a final decision, in writing, as soon as possible or at the latest within a further 5 working days. (d) In all instances, if we legitimately need more time to investigate and manage your complaint (e.g. : because it involves another party) we will provide written reasons why and an estimate of the date when we expect to be able to issue an initial response or final decision.

The service was fabulous! I would highly recommend Tenby Tourers to anyone.

Mrs R Morris Saundersfoot

Tenby Tourers

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